Note the public recycling center is closed & we don't offer residential service.

Welcome to Curb It Recycling
(The Recycling Zone is closed for now)

Commercial Recycling service

What we do, What we take and Why is the Zone closed?

We think of our customers as partners and depend on an open line of communication to ensure that we are reaching our customers goals. 

We strive to keep Summit and Wasatch Counties green and pristine while making sure we can recycle as much material as possible. 

We achieve sustainable practices beyond the norm like employing locals, buying into wind power, and recycling hard to handle materials, like glass.

* Materials we Accept with subscription service:
Plastics  2


Why is the recycling center closed? 

The recycling center has always relied on the sale of materials to make money. Right now the commodities have fallen to record lows, many even costing us money to get recycled and some not to be recycled at all. It's affecting recycling around the world. If we reopen we would have to charge to collect recycling and we are not quite at that point. Thank you for your understanding. 

*We are no longer offering residential pick up.


About Us

Commercial service

We take glass, paper, cardboard, plastics 2, aluminum and metal

Locally Owned and Operated

All employees live and work locally. We care about our community and love supplying recycling services in Heber and Park City.

Reduce before recycle

When you are shopping consider the amount of waste that  you are also purchasing. Buy in bulk, use reusable bags and use reusable water bottles.  

Contact Us

Contact Us

Curb It Recycling

665 W 100 S, Heber City, Utah 84032, United States


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